Youth Housing Rights

2016-03-03-15-37-18Read our new report Getting It Right – Youth Housing Rights in Ontario for updates on our most recent work promoting human rights in housing among youth communities  (English) (French)

Since 2011, CERA’s Youth Housing Rights Program has been working with young people to overcome barriers to housing through creatively engaging with their rights and the law. We know that housing laws are complicated and boring. But the law matters to the lives of young people, and with a bit of creativity, CERA makes them relevant.  We engage in youth-centric ways and empower YOU(th) to self-advocate in the face of discrimination.

We know that more youth would secure housing if they had access to the knowledge and resources needed to advocate for their rights and stand up to discrimination.

Why do housing rights matter for young people? One of the main barriers youth face when accessing housing is discrimination from housing providers. Landlords deny young people for tons of intersectional reasons – maybe because they are sole-support parents, they receive social assistance, lack credit or rental history, are students, or do not satisfy minimum income requirements.

This kind of discrimination is illegal.

Call us if it’s happening to you: 1.800. 263.1139 ext. 1.


Youth Led Projects: Our Youth Housing Rights Program has been made possible through short-term projects, all focused on meeting young people through creative legal education sessions in their communities. These sessions engage and empower youth by providing the information they need in order to self-advocate in the face of discrimination. They have been funded for five+ years by different supporters.

Do you want to learn more about youth housing rights and host an educational workshop in your community? With support from a team of 11 paid Youth Advisors we developed a Facilitator’s Toolkit for you to use to start conversations about housing rights.  It’s free, easy to download, and provides everything you need to get started.

Download the Toolkit, Slide Deck and Pocket Guide for FREE!

Youth Housing Rights Facilitator’s Toolkit

Youth Housing Rights Slide Deck, including facilitator’s notes. You can adapt the Powerpoint presentation to suit your group’s needs. *Please note: by downloading and adapting the presentation you agree to not hold CERA accountable for any changes to the content of the presentation.

Know Your Housing Rights Pocket Guide / Know Your Housing Rights Pocket Guide B / Know Your Housing Rights Pocket Guide C / Know Your Housing Rights Pocket Guide D. You can print them yourself or contact us for copies.



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