Past National Work

With the release of Canada’s National Housing Strategy in 2017, we are actively exploring opportunities to promote our model of human rights in housing supports across the country. Stay tuned!

In years past, CERA expanded its mandate by working at the national level to challenge homelessness and poverty, and promote human rights in housing across the country.

Making Ends Meet: Surviving on Low Income in Canada: In 2011 and 2012, CERA and Canada Without Poverty went to communities across Canada to document the strength, creativity and financial ingenuity of people living on low incomes.

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Making Ends Meet from CERA on Vimeo

Human Rights and Housing in Canada: A Video Series

Housing and Human Rights in Canada: An Overview of Human Rights Law from CERA on Vimeo.

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Housing and Human Rights in Canada: Applying Human Rights Law to Rental Housing from CERA on Vimeo.

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Housing and Human Rights in Canada: Challenging Discrimination Part 1 – Informal Advocacy from CERA on Vimeo.

Housing and Human Rights in Canada: Challenging Discrimination Part 2 – Human Rights Enforcement from CERA on Vimeo.

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National Website and Resources. CERA produced Canada’s first national human rights in housing website entitled the Canadian Housing Equality Resources (CHER).  CHER provides legislation, case law, general information, resources and tools on discrimination in housing and how it can be addressed.  CERA also developed a user-friendly Advocate’s Guide on how to identify and address housing discrimination that can be used by individuals and organizations wanting to address discrimination in housing.  The Advocate’s Guide is available on the CHER website.

Human Rights Education and Assistance Outside of Ontario.  CERA has developed a collaborative partnership with the Centre for Northern Families (CNF) in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT). Together we piloted a localized training system based on CERA’s human rights service model. CERA provided on-site in-depth training and support to staff at the CNF so that they could effectively use the NWT’s recently enacted Human Rights Act to promote their clients’ housing rights.  The CNF now regularly addresses discrimination in housing, and consults with CERA as new issues arise.

National Law Reform.  CERA engages in national law reform initiatives with a view to addressing homelessness and inadequate housing. Most recently, we worked collaboratively with the Social Rights Advocacy Centre on Bill C-304, The Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act, to see the enactment by Parliament of a national housing strategy.  CERA is a member of the steering committee for the Dignity For All Campaign, the campaign for a poverty free Canada calling on the Federal government to adopt a national strategy to address poverty.

Women’s Housing Equality Network. In 2003, through its Women’s Program, CERA launched its first national initiative focused on addressing the housing needs of low income women across the country.  The Women’s Housing Equality Network (WHEN) is the only national voice on women’s housing and homelessness issues, and has representatives in every province and territory across the country. More information …