Information for Landlords

Discrimination in rental housing is easy to prevent. Be part of the solution!

Below are links to information and resources to support landlords to uphold human rights in housing, as well as other important tools.

CERA Resources for Housing Providers

Learn all about housing providers accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005) in our 4-part webinar series and comprehensive guide.

Unlocking the AODA: A Guide for Housing Providers in Ontario

Unlocking the AODA Webinar 1 – Introduction to the IASR

Unlocking the AODA Webinar 2 – IASR and the Design of Public Spaces Standard

Unlocking the AODA Webinar 3 – Creating Accessibility Policies

Unlocking the AODA Webinar 4 – Frequently Asked Questions

External Links

Tips on writing a fair rental housing ad by the Human Rights Commission

Information about and access to Ontario’s new standard lease, required for use starting April 30, 2018:

Educational video by the Human Rights Commission about human rights in rental housing: