Federal Election 2019 – Platform Tracker on Youth Homelessness and Right to Housing

CERA’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a group that is working towards the prevention of youth homelessness in the City of Toronto. We reached out to federal election candidates in Toronto hoping to find out how they plan to act on this issue.


On June 20th of this year, the federal government passed the National Housing Strategy Act which recognized the right to adequate housing; this means a rights-based approach should inform housing policy. We need our government and decision makers to make meaningful commitments to fully implement this approach and ensure that there are affordable housing opportunities available so that no young person in Canada is forced into homelessness by a system that doesn’t work.
YAC asked candidates the following questions:


  1. How will you promote the right to adequate housing for all in Canada and ensure that the National Housing Strategy Act is fully and meaningfully implemented?


  1. How will you prevent youth homelessness in Canada and make sure that vulnerable youth are not left living in unsafe homes without access to resources and supports?


  1. What policies will you put in place to stop and prevent the further financialization of housing which has seen investors and speculators dilute the stock of available housing across the country?


We will input all the responses on this Platform Tracker, which will stay updated to help others make an informed decision at the polls.


If you would like to get involved and support YAC by reaching out to your candidates with these questions, please email us at CERAYouth@equalityrights.org.



Youth Advisory Committee
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

October 9, 2019

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