Eviction Prevention Pilot Project

Since its inception in 1999, CERA’s Eviction Prevention program has helped over 10,000 individuals and families keep their homes.  This is no small number, though the unfortunate truth remains that a much greater amount of households have been evicted over that time.  Many of these are preventable.

The vast majority of evictions are due to arrears.  For tenants who fall behind in their rent, time is crucial.  Tenants more than two months in arrears have a much tougher time receiving financial assistance.  We need to get the word out faster.  We need to get a dialogue going sooner.

So CERA is putting the finishing touches on a pilot project that will do just that.  Working with the City of Toronto and a large corporate landlord, we will soon debut the Rental Arrears Repayment Protocol.  This is a simple, formalized agreement that can be initiated by either party as soon as a tenant is one month in arrears.  Hopefully, this will reduce the need to file eviction applications at the Landlord and Tenant Board.  We’re aiming to start the Protocol in two high-rise buildings later this summer.